Word This – Google Chrome extension gallery | Boldly Going

Word This – Google Chrome extension gallery | Boldly Going.

This is testing placing the post on one of the other blogs on my WP account, even though I’ve logged in to the Chrome extension for BoldlyGoing.com.
One thing I noticed right away was the fact that the other blogs were available via drop down, however, the categories remain those associated with the logged in site, BG.com. Hmmm. Will be interesting to see what category this post is assigned. Likely the default one on jamesdkirk.com.
We shall see!

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  1. Okay, that was surprising. Even though the ping from this post to the first Word This test post worked, and even though this post itself got published just fine, it was placed on the logged in site, bg.com and not to the blog I selected from the drop down list in the Word This Chrome extension pop up box.
    Need to check JamesDKirk.com and see if there is a post there, though I doubt it. Perhaps in order to publish posts to various blogs on one’s account they would have to log out and log back into the various sites. Then again, that sort of invalidates the benefits of using an extension like this one.
    Since most modern browsers use tabs, it would be just as convenient to have the admin pages of ones WordPress site on a tab and do ones surfing on another. This extension is only bringing in a title and the link to the site they are posting about. Copy, paste from one tab to the Post This page on WP and you’ve got about the same deal without the limitations of the extension.
    Oh well, if the ability to choose the blog to post to worked correctly, the extension would actually be quite stellar. Maybe they will fix this in the near future? We shall see.

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