The Superiority of Fresh Vegetables

HEB in the 1980's
Creative Commons License photo credit: rutlo

So there appears to be a previously overlooked benefit to my sinus challenges of late (and let me apologize for continually bringing up the state of my head!) A symptom I’m suffering is that the muscles which allow me to move my eyes left and right (without turning my head that way) are fatigued and motion makes it hard for me to focus on an end point.

Okay. But with care and by slowing down, I’m able to get around, to the store, bank, etc. I try to do all that late at night with less traffic and light (seems to bother me right now.) Don’t worry, though. I don’t think I’m much more of a concern on the road that normal 😐

I make it to the grocery over the weekend. As much as I wanted to buy something fresh, natural and yummy to cook I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to stand and focus (literally!) long enough to do a meal justice.

(Please don’t share this with anyone. I’ll deny it vehemently!)

I end up buying some of the store’s deli cooked chicken (fried. Of all things 🙁 ) A loaf of crusty sour dough (best part of the meal.) And a bottle of Central California Coast Pinot Noir. Oh, and a bottle of Oregon Pinot as a back up in case the first was not very good. (I’ll relay the atrocities of the wines in another post. Have to remind myself I live in Northern Arizona. They no not how to handle wines, apparently.)

The point of all the above blather is that while in checkout line I strike a conversation with the gentleman behind me. I noticed a nice array of yams, carrots and some other fresh veggies. Remarking that he must be planning something nice and yummy, he took a gander at my purchases.

I actually tried to cover the fried chicken with my reusable tote bag (see how I referenced that so you wouldn’t completely hate me 😉 ) but he caught site and commented that I must be “taking the night off from cooking”.

Ugh. Yup. Caught. Busted. I tried to explain that it had been a long week (I’d just gotten off the day job, away from home for 8 days.) He nodded politely as folks born in other countries tend to pleasantly do to those of us that think fried chicken is a food group. Just to clarify, I do not think that fried chicken is a food group!

In an effort to regain some sense that I was worthy to even speak to this man with fresh vegetation I pointed out my wholesome, and bound to be yummy Pinot Noir sampling.

He just smiled and nodded appropriately somehow sensing that these wines would end up being undrinkable. I’m sure their was inner laughter occurring as well.

Would love to hear your favorite grocery store checkout story. Drop a comment when you have a chance.