Steak and Potato

This was just me playing around with my food! Actually, I wanted to see what sort of quality my old Samsung NV7 camera could shoot. Have to say I was not unimpressed. The key, I think will be to use my tripods and do better with lighting. Oh, I suppose shaving and having less of a rats nest for a hair cut might also improve the visuals!

Oh, and a little YouTube optimization for you. When I uploaded this footage, I originally named it Steak & Potatoes. A few days afterward I got my new Bluray Disc player with Netflix and YouTube connectivity. Just had to run the cat 5 cable to the back of the box. In fact, I’ve not even watched a Bluray disc yet, but I just got Sideways in from Netflix, so I can hardly wait!

Anyway, I mention the naming of the video because I was a total failure at searching for it through the Bluray box. Apparently the application they use is pretty much the same as the mobile app that you’d use on your smart phone. And even though Google owns YouTube and they are the worldwide leader in search, they have a tough time with the Ampersand! So, in the future, I won’t be using anything other than easily searchable letters and (maybe?) numbers. If you have any insight on this sort of thing, please leave a comment so we can all learn more about optimizing our video titles. Thanks!