Shrinking the Bedroom Down To 108 Square Feet

Just 10 shots or so of how the bedroom now looks after I’ve taped it off to right at 8 feet wide and about 13.5 feet long. Obviously the finished house will depend upon the size of the trailer I eventually get to build the small structure upon. For illustrative purposes, however, this should provide a nice visual on making progress with de-cluttering and minimizing my life.

I was struck by just how much space I actually had once I moved furniture into the taped off space. Mom was even less concerned about the fact I had so little in my room after the de-cluttering. She’s beginning to get it.

And that makes me think that if you stick to your guns, believe what your after and just keep doing it, those closest to you might eventually come around. We’ll see!

The other thing that struck me was how much space a bed uses. By most accounts, the small houses I’ve seen blueprints for or videos about all tend to have the sleeping quarters up in the loft area. Of course this makes sense because there’s no need for an attic/storage area since I’ll have nothing of excess to store. Right? 😉

Some of the design ideas that have started to flow about what I’m calling Tiny Enterprise (how could I not?!) will have my sleeping area in that loft with a skylight that opens up wide to allow access to Nature’s breezy cooling system. I’ll also have plenty of solar cells up there somewhere as well.

Can’t wait to start working on the drawings of this thing. Have you designed or built a small house? If so, did you create the plans yourself, or simply rely upon some of those available online? Share your experience and any advice you might have as I begin this journey.

And Thanks!!