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Maria Langer has a war happening on her desktopMaria Langer, the Official Website! I started to post a comment, and then it just took off and got a life of its own, so with respect to her blog, I figured I post here and trackback to her column. You’ll definitely want to read through her reviewing experience with a couple of mouses she is using on the (seemingly 😉 ) 40 computers she must own (I jest, really!)

The little things, it seems, eh Maria? I’ve had similar interactions with a logitech wireless mouse (and wireless ergonomic keyboard dynamic duo). I just severely disliked the mouse and while at the time couldn’t finger (LOL) it, just knew it wasn’t a comfortable fit (either ergonomically for my large “man hands” (Seinfeld reference intended!) nor for its responses to use and movement and other attributes Maria so eloquently discusses in her post.)

However, I simply LOVE the wireless keyboard, both for the fact that it is a split ergo design, as well as the fact that I don’t have the cable attached to it (and just a clarifier for those that think they are getting rid of a cable in that nest behind their desk, at least with this set up, there is a little receiver that sits up on the back of the desk that IS actually wired into the USB hub, or port of your computer.) Nonetheless, I love being able to move the keyboard itself with ease, and often times place it right up on my laptop’s (serving as my desktop right now too) keyboard (fits just perfectly) to move it out of the way and give me more room on the front of my desk.

So, all that being typed, I felt the dilemma of loving the keyboard, severely disliking the mouse. After a fit of moral pondering, I just went back to the Microsoft Trackball MS Trackball Optical 1.0 I had been using that I really did like cause it was a larger model and really did support my hand and felt good. And now I use both the wired mouse, and the wireless keyboard!

And all this is GREAT, until you get to the concept of “age” of device. No one ever talks about this. Has anyone ever seen a review on a 2 year old trackball mouse? Not intending comedy, but have you? I think I may start a review site where I request people to send me in their “recently retired” devices, and have me set them up for the complete battery of testing that a “new products” reviewer might put a device through.

I’ll start with my old trackball mouse. As much as I love it, age, and oils/dirts, etc are finally starting to invade the “cleaning not necessary” device. I’ve regularly had to wipe out/brush out the little metal bearings that support the trackball. Keep that ball clean and free from oils, and sort of scrape off the collection of lints and dirts from the rubber pads that “hold the mouse” in place preventing it from slipping around. The absolute mouse killer that is happening now, and I dare say pushing me to make a drive to a store is that the left click button is getting “sticky” underneath somewhere (inaccessible) making clicking a challenge. One click is more often than I care for ending up a double click and double clicks end up triple clicks (which is really a double click and then immediately a single click). It’s all rubbish, and I think I’m going to post this, hit the showers, and go to the store 😉