Recovering coming soon!

Inspiration has hit after reading all the way
through this thread
on Darren’s I’m immediately going to register (yeah it is available so if YOU really want it, be my guest ;), just don’t tell my friend, Steve over at about my getting yet another new domain! )

Then offline, build a rehab facility that will have wonderful views, great food, a facility to lose weight without have to do anything really stressful, and a whole lot of computer terminals that aren’t really connected to the internet, they just appear to be!

Seriously, my take away is the concept of Balance. Most legitimate professionals on and offline express this in some form or another. My experiences tend to prove to me, at least, that the really successful individuals in their respective fields would also bear out this success formula. And I’d add that having consistent and persistent focus is likely key.

Sure, links are important. What good are they if they actually get someone to your site and see crap for content (if they see anything other than all those links you just exchanged to get them there. Likewise, what good is it as Mark says to have Shakespearean quality content that no one is going to get to see?

Balance, persistence, focus, mini-vacations /;v) all part of an equation, or for you soon to be checking in to, part of an algorithm whose ultimate result is success. Thanks for the “re-focusing”, Darren. I too am grateful for having found your feed and for the regular dosage of sense!

Always Go Boldly!