Thinking Online Backup Might Be a Good Idea

As many of you have read on this blog over the past year or so, in an attempt to reduce my financial overhead as well adopting a generally minimalist lifestyle, I opted to relinquish the monthly costs associated with having my own web server. One of the aspects I’d not considered replicating, however was online backup.

Probably the biggest reason this didn’t occur to me was the fact that my Slicehost server never had more than a few moments of down time in the 4 plus years I used them. And I’m not overly concerned with or its services either, however, being prudent with ones online content is definitely a smart move.

In addition to checking out those reviews for online backup services, I want to see if might offer similar. On the Upgrades page I see that I can purchase additional storage space for very reasonable pricing, however, I’m not immediately finding any sort of backup pricing.

Whether I opt to keep online backup in-house with WP, if you will, or decide that another company might better serve my needs, I know it is something I don’t want to not do. This is a sort of insurance that from past experiences, I know I’d rather pay and never have to use (but have it there) than not pay and need to replace lost data at some point.

Will keep all updated on the progress of this task.