On Memorial Day

The few times I’ve seen Admiral Mike Mullen, via television interviews, he’s struck me as smart, compassionate, rather well developed sense of humor, all around fair fellow. Being associated with Remind.org, I receive their emails occasionally.

With Memorial Day coming up on Monday, here in the U.S., they sent out a lovely missive with remarks written by the Admiral. The read is less than five minutes (you can read the web version here), extremely well done, and should, for those with hearts and conscience, leave one with a sense of sadness for this country’s lost and missing soldiers as well as hope for those who fought in our place.

While fully supporting the work these brave folks accomplish every day, join me in supporting the end of a need for continuing to put them in harms way. Let’s take care of our fallen, the wounded, and all their families as well. More importantly, what if we started living with the frame of mind that war and international conflict was a thing of the past. That harmonious life between different countries and people of different ideologies was a real and attainable goal.

We can do this. You can do this.

Enjoy Memorial Day America!