Living In a Cocoon

In the above slide show, you see some general refining of the living space I’ve been slowing moving into. The concept here is to eventually get everything I need to live a fully independent life inside a very tiny space. Then, I should be able to start moving from the house into a space that will be more mobile.

So far, what I’ve found is that I actually enjoy being in this smaller, more confined space. Not saying I’d like to go to live in a prison cell or anything, but just existing inside the smaller confines is rather comforting. For me, anyway. When my Mother checks out the progress I’ve been making she just shakes her head and starts complaining about how claustrophobic she gets. I tell her she doesn’t have to live in the tiny house when I get it done 😉

The other interesting aspect I’ve discovered over the past few weeks, is how important natural light is to the living space. I’d like to have more plants around the room, but the limited light doesn’t seem to make that advisable.

Also, as it’s getting cooler here in Northern Arizona, the ambient temperatures in the space are lovely. It is getting rather chilly at night, and I love to be able to sleep with the window open, so that’s totally groovy. But the heat which is generated by the electronics is definitely something to be considered in the warmer months.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to warm the interior of the space all winter long just by the heat output from the computer, HDTV and other devices. Of course, I won’t have the satellite receiver or the Internet modem, both of which contribute to the warmth. Also not sure if a ceiling fan is advisable when I start building, but we’ll see.

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not building a tiny house is actually the wisest path to take. There are many options when it comes to choosing a smaller footprint to live a minimalist lifestyle in. Sure there is inherent talking points to building a house on a mobile trailer, but does that make the most sense?

In my next post, I’m going to look at listing out some of the various options I might consider and then start researching the pros & cons of each. For all I know, I might end up riding a bicycle around and pitching a tent wherever I intend to travel.

Who the heck knows! See you all soon.