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10 of Ireland’s Most Charming Villages

Dig a little deeper into Ireland and you’ll discover some of the most charming villages in the more remote areas of the Irish countryside, where the past sits more comfortably with the present. Their obscurity – perhaps because of a limited bus service or their narrow country roads – has preserved their wonderfully idiosyncratic character. … Read more

Longevity noodles, a Popular Lunar New Year Dish

What Are Longevity Noodles? This year, Lunar New Year falls on January 22, but celebrations occur over several days – collectively referred to as the Spring Festival. Traditional rituals, foods included, are filled with symbolism. Longevity noodles symbolize long life. According to tradition, the chef can’t cut the noodle strands, and each strand needs to … Read more

Love or Leave Winter, On the Cheap

Travel this winter is not expected to be a bargain. While rates for hotels and flights tend to drop after the holiday highs, resilient demand for travel portends higher prices at both ski and beach destinations, where winter is high season. Still, with flexibility and creativity — like avoiding peak days on the slopes or … Read more

Celebrate: BuJo Style

According to BuJo we must celebrate our wins–big and small–allow ourselves to feel great when something positive manifests itself in our lives.