Flowing of Ideas

While perusing TechquilaShots.com’sSteve Poland’s TechquilaShots.com feed earlier I came across Steve’s latest post that truly resonates with me from the perspective of having self guilt as it relates to my productivity, creative flows, and abilities to focus for longer than a 30 second commercial interruption.
From about my late teen years into my mid-20’s or so, I had the messed up notion that to be creative, truly original, a person couldn’t simply “create” something unless that something didn’t exist prior. Not sure where this originated in my, though none of my immediate family members were creative types, so there were definitely no role models around to steer those formative years.
After finally discontinuing the self inflicted mental abuse, I finally realized that I was in fact a very creative type. Remembering that collage of pandas I did when I was in the second grade really got my thinking right 😉
At the same time, realizing that my strengths lay in the a more structured arena vs. the painting, sculpting one, I simply started to focus where I was good, and in what I enjoyed doing. No one is going to mistakenly call me an “artist”, and that’s okay. I know where, and what I’m good at now. And knowing’s half the battle.
Some of the things Steve discusses in his post, while almost sounding apologetic to his readers, definitely resonates with me, also. This is almost the identical “process” I go through in relation to getting ideas and generally being creative.
Here are a few thoughts I’d add to Steve’s post:

  • I think it’s okay to stay focused wherever inspiration has you, and for as long as you have it.
  • Just the same, if the creative gods have you popping in and out of a wide variety of niches, that’s groovy too.
  • I absorb a lot of reading as well. More when I am able to keep the television remote from mysteriously powering up its master. If I’m not reading with a yellow pad and pen standing by, I most assuredly miss out on ideas capture.
  • One recent action that has freed up so much of my time and creative energies has been to cut back on my total number of magazine subscriptions. Doing it was relatively simple; I rarely subscribe to more than one year at a time for just this reason (well, it started out a financial one…

And if you haven’t read Wired magazine in a couple of months, you should be ashamed of yourselves because it is just overflowing with creative fodder for the most multi-stomached of us out there. Of course, if you know you have a paid up subscription, and you are still not getting it, I’d check my snail mail carriers personal trash can on garbage pick up day. You never know!
In case you don’t make it over to TechquilaShots web site (try not to cause yourself bodily damage to do so, but do get over there at some point between reading this and the time it takes you to make coffee), be sure to head over to TechCrunch to view this documentary.

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