Celebrate: BuJo Style

BuJo Celebrate DIY
Prefer to listen? Recorded and produced by James D. Kirk

According to BuJo we must celebrate our wins–big and small–and allow ourselves to feel great when something positive manifests itself in our lives.

Last week I added action items to my Bullet Journal‘s daily log. “Find a lamp for my desk” got onto the list. So, I find an $8 old, swing arm-style lamp at one of the local thrift shops. I get home and realized the lamp failed to include the iconic, cone-shaped lamp shade. Of course, this particular resell store prohibits purchases from being returned for refund. They gladly accept re-donations, of course 😐

This lands much lower on the scale of required, must-do-now action items, than say, “forgetting the milk at the store” (and milk was the only thing on your list.) No worries. Insert a light bulb. Fake it, until you make it. Mind over matter.


I decided to use some heavy cardboard and fashion my own lampshade. How hard could this possibly be? Do you happen to know what the actual flat shape of a cone is? Yeah, I didn’t either.

So, I hit the search engine to learn how to actually make a cone and found this great site, Templatemaker.nl. It provided accurate, customizable templates allowing me to make a “rustic” and rudimentary shade. Fit the shade into place, secured by heavy duty primate tape, inserted an LED bulb, and plugged into my smart outlet.

Homemade lampshade helping me to celebrate my BuJo work in style!

Now, I have an operational desk lamp, that looks weird and quirky, but has a story behind it.

More important, I remember in my reading that it’s okay to celebrate BuJo style, regardless of how big or small the win. I walked out of my office feeling great about that little experience. I didn’t understand why, completely, but I still felt great!

Wash. Rinse. Repeat!