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New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot

Even though Tristan Handy speaks exclusively about companies use of social media, my belief is these numbers/stats also work for writers. Using social media marketing and activity to promote oneself and one’s latest works is certainly the growing trend, however, it has to be done right. I highly recommend my author friends to click through and read this article. It’s not very long, but filled with the kind of actionable information you need to get better with your social media marketing.

New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot

Newt Spam and Hours of List Culling

Wish I would have taken a before and after screen shot on my Twitter page (for my personal @JamesKirk) account. Okay, before someone points out that I can still take an AFTER shot…
@JamesKirk After Culling Followers

But I do remember the before numbers. I was following just over 600 folks, er, accounts (like 602 or so) and had 620 followers. If I were actually a smart blogger, I would have grabbed that before shot and really planned out this post like a professional.

Oh, well. No need to explain why that moniker does not apply.

Here’s the deal. Last night I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME going through my personal account attempting to clean it up. I was going to do the same with @BoldlyGoing, however by 3:30 am I was done. Eventually I got smart with some of the free twitter follower manager services out there, but they don’t do everything I was hoping to have done.

One thing was determining the crap, spammy accounts that are likely also following @newtgingrich. In order to do that I had to use good old fashioned Turing Test superiority and click on all of the suspicious looking accounts in my followers (and following) list.

This just takes time. Click. Profile review. Determination. Block and/or unfollow. Next.

Finally, the @JamesKirk was account was done. (After I’d used a service to discover the lousy bastards, uhm, people who inadvertently forgot to follow me when I followed them.)

There was a lot of them folks. Like 176 of them. Now I have only 18. Why even keep those few? Well, I sort of equate it to reading a book from a favorite author or watching a television show. I want to be entertained, enlightened, distracted, whatever.

I don’t really expect any of the authors I read to read my book, (yeah, shameless plug. Forgive me. Please. Just this time. Maybe a few more times later in the month) The Perfect Meal.

Nor would I imagine the producers of my favorite TV episode of say, Master Chef or Top Chef or Whites to waste their time watching this web gem >>>>>>>> ๐Ÿ˜

Okay, so after wasting, damn, I mean investing all that time, what have I learned?

Well, first that the 33% or so of people, or accounts I thought were following me making me feel like a champ with over 600 followers were fakers. What’s my definition of a faker?

A blatant spammy account usually is one with an avatar of a sexy, bikini-clad lady (I do not know how I got them followers, dear. Honest!) (And this is excellently discussed by someone over on the Popular Mechanics site far smarter than me; @PopMech)

Then there were the old, inactive accounts. 2009 seemed to be a popular year to open Twitter accounts, grab a bunch of followers and then do nothing. Any accounts which were really old (like more than six months!) got the axe (yeah, I put an “e” on axe. Su me!)

As I discovered through hours of profile inspecting (and could have learned if I had read the PopMech article listed above before starting this project), the profiles with funny handle names and little to no “bio” information seemed to be spam accounts. Most of them had a high ratio of who they were following to followers (I seemed to be the only person following most of these accounts), and/or a dismal number of tweets sent.

More account deletions.

Then there were just the ones I didn’t feel warm and fuzzy having in my stream. For a variety of reasons. And realize that on the profile page where their account info pops up, there are only the last three tweets shown.

You can learn a lot about an account/person/spammer with what they post in those 420 characters (for those who are just back from a mission to Mars, tweets are a maximum of 140 characters times three equals…Oh, you get it? Good.)

More deletions.

Finally that darned scroll bar on the browser window quit growing with more accounts and I was through my list of followers. Death, destruction and mayhem. And that was just me attempting to get out of my office chair after spending all that time messing with this stuff!

So bully for me. Sure I have a third less accounts that I’m following, and approximately 17% fewer followers. But who cares? The reality is my numbers are much more likely to be considered real, quality quantities of stand-up folks using Twitter for good and not eeevil!

Video Monetization Space Should Heat Up with in the Mix

Clearly there are a ton of companies that are trying to monetize your video for you. While they’re at it, they hope to take a piece of that transaction and keep themselves in the black.

Google New Logo For YouTube :)Proper video licensing and video monetization is no easy prospect. Take a look at the excerpt from the post below on Youtube’s attempt to monetize over a billion videos that are streamed EVERY DAY! It’s not easy, even for almighty Google.

And that brings me to and their desire to jump into the video money making machine. With their self proclaimed title as The Official Licensor of online video, is plans to provide content owners with the ability to sell, buy and rent their copyrighted video content.

And I’m attempting to get hired by Vidli to become their next Social Media Person. Should you find this post interesting perhaps you could take 37 seconds or so, and help Vidli hire James D Kirk (that’s me, BTW ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Presenting the XPlayer

The All Access Live XPlayer is an affordable way for you to control how your video and live broadcasts appear on the Internet. Using the advanced features and customizable tools of The XPlayer, your content is presented to a world wide audience in perfect form. The XPlayer is more than a fancy player, it is a video management and monetization system. Each player is wrapped with an in-stream ad system and serves ads from companies like Frontier Airlines, Lysol, Game Crazy, Miller Light, and many more. The XPlayer is a turn-key solution to start making money with your content today.

Pop Warner Selects Monetize Media for Live Video Streaming of their Events

Monetize Media Inc., the leading online video platform, today announced that Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. has selected Monetize Media as its exclusive provider for live and on-demand video webcasting of its regional and national events covering both Pop Warner’s 2009 Superbowl Football championships and National Cheer and Dance competition. Pop Warner is pleased to utilize all the features of Monetize Mediaโ€™s Online Video Platform which includes online video management, encoding, customized video players, publishing, syndication, aggregation, analytics, and advanced monetization capabilities.

Partner content at the heart of YouTube monetization strategy

This means the vast majority of videos on YouTube have absolutely no advertising at all, because the company is only comfortable serving advertising against what it calls partner content. According to the partnerships qualifications and FAQ, people or organisations applying to be a YouTube partner they must meet the following requirements:

  • You create original videos suitable for online streaming.
  • You own or have express permission to use and monetise all audio and video content that you upload โ€“ no exceptions.
  • You regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.
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Marketing: Events vs. Processes

Seth Godin You know what I love about Seth Godin’s posts? They are quick, to the point, unusually poignant, and short reads (mostly). His post today, The reason social media is so difficult for most organizations, really brought it home today for what I’m doing in my career pursuit right now.

Hopefully you are aware that I’m attempting to get an interview with, The Official Video Licensor. They are a new startup that is offering free beta invites through the previous link. By clicking through and signing up for their no cost account, you’ll be helping get me closer to an interview with them for a new Social Media Marketing position they are offering.

The reason Seth’s post interested me so much is how it relates to what I’m doing in my approach to this contest. I’m doing my best to actually use a number of facets of social media to make my case to you, my friends and occasional readers. By creating what I hope to be genuine content that will benefit you and casually inserting a link and request the favor of having you sign up, I am focusing on the “process marketing” angle.

Some others attempting to get invited to interview with are effectively using Twitter and/or Facebook. From my perspective those attempts however amount to “event marketing”.

By that I mean those messages are all about the contest itself, the contestant, and not really about the longer tail advantages of creating quality content that could continue to drive traffic and interested users to Vidli in the long term future.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with pleading on Facebook and Twitter to help a lad (or lass!) out. I’m also inserting variations of those messages into my stream as well. My hope is that by attempting to do more than just beg for your action on my behalf, you’ll be more willing to take the 37 seconds or so and click through to the beta invite sign up form.

You would be helping me out tremendously. And if you told just 3 of your friends or family members about the good you did, that would help out 3X as much! Oh, did I mention that I’ll be buying beverages if/when I get hired by Vidli when this is all done (disclosure: you actually have to have signed up for me to qualify for this offer ;))

Thanks for your time!

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How I Use Facebook Pages to Help Get Hired at should hire James D KirkAs I make progress with the project of getting an interview with, I felt it important to effectively use Facebook in spreading that message.

I’d never really made a page on FB before, so bear with me on the its development. There’s only the beginning of some stuff there now, but I was able to finagle the video that you see pictured in the screen grab below. Hoping that doesn’t piss anyone at Vidli off (hey, it was up on Youtube!)

The Facebook page I'm building to help get me an interview at

Oh, and don’t forget to drop over to and vote for Vidli in the Vator Splash Competition

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