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Maria Langer has a war happening on her desktopMaria Langer, the Official Website! I started to post a comment, and then it just took off and got a life of its own, so with respect to her blog, I figured I post here and trackback to her column. You’ll definitely want to read through her reviewing experience with a couple of mouses she is using on the (seemingly 😉 ) 40 computers she must own (I jest, really!)
The little things, it seems, eh Maria? I’ve had similar interactions with a logitech wireless mouse (and wireless ergonomic keyboard dynamic duo). I just severely disliked the mouse and while at the time couldn’t finger (LOL) it, just knew it wasn’t a comfortable fit (either ergonomically for my large “man hands” (Seinfeld reference intended!) nor for its responses to use and movement and other attributes Maria so eloquently discusses in her post.)
However, I simply LOVE the wireless keyboard, both for the fact that it is a split ergo design, as well as the fact that I don’t have the cable attached to it (and just a clarifier for those that think they are getting rid of a cable in that nest behind their desk, at least with this set up, there is a little receiver that sits up on the back of the desk that IS actually wired into the USB hub, or port of your computer.) Nonetheless, I love being able to move the keyboard itself with ease, and often times place it right up on my laptop’s (serving as my desktop right now too) keyboard (fits just perfectly) to move it out of the way and give me more room on the front of my desk.
So, all that being typed, I felt the dilemma of loving the keyboard, severely disliking the mouse. After a fit of moral pondering, I just went back to the Microsoft Trackball MS Trackball Optical 1.0 I had been using that I really did like cause it was a larger model and really did support my hand and felt good. And now I use both the wired mouse, and the wireless keyboard!
And all this is GREAT, until you get to the concept of “age” of device. No one ever talks about this. Has anyone ever seen a review on a 2 year old trackball mouse? Not intending comedy, but have you? I think I may start a review site where I request people to send me in their “recently retired” devices, and have me set them up for the complete battery of testing that a “new products” reviewer might put a device through.
I’ll start with my old trackball mouse. As much as I love it, age, and oils/dirts, etc are finally starting to invade the “cleaning not necessary” device. I’ve regularly had to wipe out/brush out the little metal bearings that support the trackball. Keep that ball clean and free from oils, and sort of scrape off the collection of lints and dirts from the rubber pads that “hold the mouse” in place preventing it from slipping around. The absolute mouse killer that is happening now, and I dare say pushing me to make a drive to a store is that the left click button is getting “sticky” underneath somewhere (inaccessible) making clicking a challenge. One click is more often than I care for ending up a double click and double clicks end up triple clicks (which is really a double click and then immediately a single click). It’s all rubbish, and I think I’m going to post this, hit the showers, and go to the store 😉

Flowing of Ideas

While perusing’sSteve Poland’s feed earlier I came across Steve’s latest post that truly resonates with me from the perspective of having self guilt as it relates to my productivity, creative flows, and abilities to focus for longer than a 30 second commercial interruption.
From about my late teen years into my mid-20’s or so, I had the messed up notion that to be creative, truly original, a person couldn’t simply “create” something unless that something didn’t exist prior. Not sure where this originated in my, though none of my immediate family members were creative types, so there were definitely no role models around to steer those formative years.
After finally discontinuing the self inflicted mental abuse, I finally realized that I was in fact a very creative type. Remembering that collage of pandas I did when I was in the second grade really got my thinking right 😉
At the same time, realizing that my strengths lay in the a more structured arena vs. the painting, sculpting one, I simply started to focus where I was good, and in what I enjoyed doing. No one is going to mistakenly call me an “artist”, and that’s okay. I know where, and what I’m good at now. And knowing’s half the battle.
Some of the things Steve discusses in his post, while almost sounding apologetic to his readers, definitely resonates with me, also. This is almost the identical “process” I go through in relation to getting ideas and generally being creative.
Here are a few thoughts I’d add to Steve’s post:

  • I think it’s okay to stay focused wherever inspiration has you, and for as long as you have it.
  • Just the same, if the creative gods have you popping in and out of a wide variety of niches, that’s groovy too.
  • I absorb a lot of reading as well. More when I am able to keep the television remote from mysteriously powering up its master. If I’m not reading with a yellow pad and pen standing by, I most assuredly miss out on ideas capture.
  • One recent action that has freed up so much of my time and creative energies has been to cut back on my total number of magazine subscriptions. Doing it was relatively simple; I rarely subscribe to more than one year at a time for just this reason (well, it started out a financial one…

And if you haven’t read Wired magazine in a couple of months, you should be ashamed of yourselves because it is just overflowing with creative fodder for the most multi-stomached of us out there. Of course, if you know you have a paid up subscription, and you are still not getting it, I’d check my snail mail carriers personal trash can on garbage pick up day. You never know!
In case you don’t make it over to TechquilaShots web site (try not to cause yourself bodily damage to do so, but do get over there at some point between reading this and the time it takes you to make coffee), be sure to head over to TechCrunch to view this documentary.
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Recovering coming soon!

Inspiration has hit after reading all the way
through this thread
on Darren’s I’m immediately going to register (yeah it is available so if YOU really want it, be my guest ;), just don’t tell my friend, Steve over at about my getting yet another new domain! )
Then offline, build a rehab facility that will have wonderful views, great food, a facility to lose weight without have to do anything really stressful, and a whole lot of computer terminals that aren’t really connected to the internet, they just appear to be!
Seriously, my take away is the concept of Balance. Most legitimate professionals on and offline express this in some form or another. My experiences tend to prove to me, at least, that the really successful individuals in their respective fields would also bear out this success formula. And I’d add that having consistent and persistent focus is likely key.
Sure, links are important. What good are they if they actually get someone to your site and see crap for content (if they see anything other than all those links you just exchanged to get them there. Likewise, what good is it as Mark says to have Shakespearean quality content that no one is going to get to see?
Balance, persistence, focus, mini-vacations /;v) all part of an equation, or for you soon to be checking in to, part of an algorithm whose ultimate result is success. Thanks for the “re-focusing”, Darren. I too am grateful for having found your feed and for the regular dosage of sense!
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Cookie Crumbs

Another little “cookie crumb” of data. Some sites are using the technologies to place a cookie on your plate when you simply bookmark their link. For instance, I’m reading the TechCrunch post from a couple of days ago about “HealthLine Symptom Search…” and see a link in the TechCrunch post there into the HealthLine website:
HealthLine Symptom Search
I don’t want to go to there site right now, so I of course right click and “bookmark this link” (in FF). Immediately, I get a request to place a cookie from
I was chatting with Andy Beard the other day about cookie placement at the SERP’s (in Google that time), and why exactly does a destination site NEED to have a cookie on my plate just cause I see them in a results page, or in this note above, a bookmark of their link? And perhaps more importantly, how are they doing this from the technical perspective?
Just curiosity at play 😉
I’ll put more together on this concept in my upcoming article to be entitled, “Cookie Crumbs all over my plate!”

MySpace Launches Comic Book Community

Interesting development both with respect to the day to day goings on at and for the comic geeks in all of us 😉
The one thing of note to me is the major sponsor that is already prominent on the page sponsoring the “Latest Comic Book News” box above the fold on the page. Comic Book Resources has been around and online for as long as I have been messing around with comic books and while I’ve not been overly active in the collecting of titles of late, I always look to them for timely news, info and events. Good to see comics going mainstream! (Well, hopefully not, cause they’ll start printing 10,000,000 copies of every issue further devaluing my collection 😉 )
MySpace Launches Comic Book Community – Death To ComicSpace?

When a GPL theme is not a GPL theme

Gotta say that I just love this post! I’ve used the Anaconda theme on an off at my personal site, and really liked the flexibility of the two sidebar widgetized theme. This of course was before I learned how to create multiple sidebars for this site (cause I like widgety things more than Joe does 😉 ). By the time we had modified the crap out of the corporate slave theme, we had nothing that resembled the original theme (on the outside anyway!), but the mash of code inside was pretty gnarly :'(
Finally, I got frustrated and decided that the next week of my life was to be dedicated to learning how to theme in WordPress, and went at re-coding our sites theme from the ground up starting with the default theme, Kubrik, I think it is.
Well, needless to say, there are no attributes to the Corporate Slave theme creators, but I figured if I posted this here, now, there’d be a record to show that we very much appreciated the work they did that was the basis of inspiration for us doing what we did. Grazi!
Original post found here:What makes you happy ? » When a GPL theme is not a GPL theme

OpenID News

Most definitely good news for the world of openID watchers (like us!). We definitely hope to implement the openID system right here at as soon as we are at a stable enough point to do so. Of course, there is that huge list of items ahead of this implementation, however reading that general acceptance of the spec is moving along is a good thing, methinks.
I am curious as to how well the concept of having one site be “responsible” for you general logging information will be received over all. I suppose this is why I am starting a new category on this site specifically for openID.
geek ramblings » OpenID News