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Destination Asia, with CNN

As travel returns full-scale, Asian destinations in particular are keen to boost their tourism economies after the pandemic. Hong Kong has …

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Staggering Scenery and Beautiful Towns

Sarajevo – a place that crams in so much history, beauty and heartbreak it can make your head spin. Picturesque Jajce, …

Lounge chair overlooking ocean

12 Private Islands You Can Rent Without Being Rich

If you think private islands are only for the billionaires and Bond Villains of the world, however, you’re wrong. You can …

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Like many, I’ve considered how it might feel to think of myself as a swashbuckling adventurer and hero, traveling the world round.

Building this site helps to turn those day (and night!) dreams into a reality. What’s more, I’m hoping to help others who might yearn to find the way to get out of their boring lives and into an adventure of their own!