Website Beauty Is Beholden To Whom?

You might not have realized you were a fan of 19th Century romance novelist Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, but if you have ever heard or used the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” you’re quoting her. The phrase appeared in Hungerford’s 1878 publication of “Molly Bawn“. sildenafil magnus 50mg buying fake viagra

Okay, so in a nutshell I think something is marvelous, filled to overflowing with beauty. You think it was freshly picked out of the local dump. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? I am right, of course, since I’m writing this 😉 many mg viagra pill cialis viagra generico

When it comes to website beauty there can be just as many widely divergent opinions as well. In reality, we have all seen “those” sites that leave something to be desired. In many case, leave a LOT to be desired! While not all of us are the visually artistic type, when something is not pleasing to the eye, few will find themselves beholden to the object. pros cons generic viagra cialis online canada

What do you do with your WordPress website if you, like myself (can you tell 😐 )are artistically challenged?

  • Well, you can do what you can and hope you don’t mess things up too much
  • You can pay a real graphic artist (upwards to HUGE BUCKS!) to create a custom site design
  • Or you can go the route of high quality free or very reasonably priced Premium WordPress themes’s Dream Themes Department is all about the best built, most wonderful themes one can install and activate on their WordPress self-hosted website. I’ll be sharing my discoveries and hope to make connections with some of the leading WP Theme developers out there.

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