Word This – Google Chrome Extension Gallery

Word This – Google Chrome extension gallery | Boldly Going. This is testing placing the post on one of the other blogs on my WP account, even though I’ve logged in to the Chrome extension for BoldlyGoing.com. One thing I noticed right away was the fact that the other blogs were available via drop down, […]

Hello, Again, WordPress.com Goodbye WordPress.org

I hear you whining already, “But James. I thought you were like Mr. WordPress.org? I thought you and your friend Joseph Cizek were among some of the first dudes to manipulate a single WP install to power many individual sites, even before WPMU had been released? I thought you had been tinkering around with self-installs since the 1.2 release? WTF dude?”

Testing Twitter Tools, Bit.ly on WPMU

Trying to get Alex King’s Twitter Tools to work correctly with the BoldlyGoing.com site. Currently, this site runs on a WordPress Multi User installation. WPMU can sometimes not behave well with plugins coded for the single site WordPress installation. Thinking that I had the bit.ly plugin installed and activated, however, when I published my last […]

Product Marketing and WordPress

My good friend Joseph Cizek and I have decided we are going to do it. No, we’re not going to do that, we’ve decided that we are indeed savvy WordPress developers and possibly authors. The focus of our book and the support community we plan to develop is based upon Product Marketing with WordPress. We […]