Hacked By MuhmadEmad

This is for all my WordPress comrades out there who actively use Chrome (does FF or IE offer auto translation services? Let me know below!) I was installing a new site yesterday and when to get the WordPress Secret Key Salt generator from WP.org. The overly helpful browser prompted me for a translation from the obvious “Indonesian” language the page was written in! LOL. It actually sort of freaked me out, so I did a page refresh and did not get the translation prompt on the next try, which I used on the install. Still pretty humorous, I do say 😉

Generating Content, Traffic & Happiness!

Are you like so many of the rest of us? Do you hope to create a killer online presence? Will you have tons of epic content? Can your servers handle the torrents of traffic you plan on seeing at your site? Guessing you’ve indicated in the affirmative to these and similar questions. So, I ask you now, will all of this make you happy? Will you have so thoroughly enjoyed the process that you can honestly affirm your happiness to the world? Want to learn more about the things you can control in order to make all your website dreams come true? Read on, my friend, read on!

Page tabs as extra links « wordpress tips

This is a really cool tip for those on WP.com (but you have to have a theme that won’t go all foocockta on you). I ended up just using the “Menus” functionality to get the link in the header to point to my contact page at JamesDKirk.com.

Thinking Online Backup Might Be a Good Idea

As many of you have read on this blog over the past year or so, in an attempt to reduce my financial overhead as well adopting a generally minimalist lifestyle, I opted to relinquish the monthly costs associated with having my own web server. One of the aspects I’d not considered replicating, however was online […]