Promotional Tools for Writers on Google+

I saw this blog, posted August 27, 2011 at 10:01PM from GalleyCat Promotional Tools for Writers on Google+ Testing ifttt auto posting to from my mobile device.

Newt Spam and Hours of List Culling

Wish I would have taken a before and after screen shot on my Twitter page (for my personal @JamesKirk) account. Okay, before someone points out that I can still take an AFTER shot… But I do remember the before numbers. I was following just over 600 folks, er, accounts (like 602 or so) and had […]

How Are You Busting Social Media Myths?

Loved reading Aliza Sherman’s post over at Web Worker Daily entitled Twittering Causes Blindness: Busting Social Media Myths. (Thanks @JosephCizek!) In her article, Aliza really simplifies the overriding thoughts about social media marketing and how businesses are trying to use it like they have used every other mass communications medium. I was especially drawn to […]

Testing Twitter Tools, on WPMU

Trying to get Alex King’s Twitter Tools to work correctly with the site. Currently, this site runs on a WordPress Multi User installation. WPMU can sometimes not behave well with plugins coded for the single site WordPress installation. Thinking that I had the plugin installed and activated, however, when I published my last […]